We moved to http://www.fantasycream.org



> WHAT <
It runs for one month four times in a year.
You will find there the most juicy, tasty, creamy, deeeeelicious
and exclusive creations ever created by the beautiful minds
of Medieval & Fantasy  Merchants.

> WHO <
A number of Merchants will have their very best creations
on offer and one exclusive new for and during the event.

> WHY <
Cuz we love Medieval Fantasy !!!



Sponsors show one exclusive creation purposely made for the event.
The Visitors of the FANTASY CREAM Market are invited to vote for their preferred exclusive creation among those shown in the voting area. Three people among those who have voted during the event will be randomly chosen and will win a big prize gently made available by some of the Sponsors.
The Sponsor who receives the higher number of votes over their exclusive creation will have a free featured place in Dandelion until the next Fantasy Cream Contest Winner is chosen.


All participating creators offer a gift for you to hunt for .
You find an example of the Hunt item by the Contest Board during Fantasy Cream.





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